Benefits of In-house School

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School Student

With cities become increasingly congested, commuting over long distances, is no longer a pleasant experience. This is especially true, vis-à-vis travelling to and from work and the children’s schools,

” Home seekers, today, are paying considerable attention to having a reputed school close to one’s house ” Says Rohit Gera, MD, Gera Developments

“For this reason, most parents, especially those who are working, prefer to have the option to drop and pick up their children, without having to worry about their safety,” explains Amit Ruparel, managing director, Ruparel Realty

Let’s take a look at the advantage / Benefits of In-House School, 

Advantage from Parents Perceptive

Instills Independence

Instilling Independence

Children can walk to and from school. They do not have to wait for the bus or a parent’s ride. Being in control enables children to budget their time accordingly while not being dependent on other

Convenient :

Walking to School

Living right next to a school eliminates wasted time. Children do not have to wait. They simply walk to school according to their schedule. The parents don’t have to spend any time transporting before or after school. Drop off and pick up lines are notoriously long. Avoiding this time consuming process is welcomed by most parents.

Cost :

School bus

The expense of driving to and from school adds up. Yearly school bus fees are also an added expense. Due to budgetary restraints, schools across the country are either eliminating bus service to reduce costs or increasing bus tuition to offset the cost. Living close to school decreases extra costs and/or the necessity of driving a child.

Outdoor Amenities:

Outdoor Amenities

School grounds are loaded with perks. Playground equipment usually tops the list. Usually the school property also includes basketball courts and fields for baseball and soccer. Some may even have tennis courts or other features. Being able to walk to these areas is a plus, especially for working parents with multiple children.

Safety :

Children will have less chances of encountering predators or dangerous intersections if they live close to a school. Homes that are adjacent to schoolyards usually provide a prime view of the outdoor amenities. Parents can see their children by simply looking out the window or standing in 
thier yard.

Decrease Conflicts

Kids Getting ready for school

Getting kids off to school in the morning can be a chore. Some kids cannot handle early mornings. A rushed atmosphere can be overwhelming. Family tension will be reduced when the wakeup routine is not a struggle.


Kids like being in control. Being able to walk to and from school can build a sense of empowerment.Equally important is having an assortment of outdoor activities just steps away. A ride is not needed to reach the playground equipment or play sports with friends.

Flexibility :

Kids forget things on a regular basis. Living close to a school lessens the stress associated with forgetfulness. Children do not have to rely on a parent for a ride back to the school. They can simply return on their own time for the forgotten item.

Avoid Tedious Bus Ride :

Bus Ride

Many children prefer not to take a bus to school. The routine of riding a bus includes the time spent walking to the stop, waiting for the bus, and the bus ride. When you live close to a school, a simple walk replaces all of these time consuming steps.

Projects with In - House School

We have made a list of project in bangalore with In- House School

  • Assetz Marq 2 – Whitefield
  • Brigade Gateway – Rajaji Nagar 
  • Ozone Urbana – Devanahalli 
  • Brigade Orchids – Devanahalli 
  • Prestige Shantiniketan – Whitefield 


When looking for a new home, parents need to consider many options. If children are going to attend the neighbourhood school, the proximity to the school is one item that should be seriously considered. There are significant benefits to living near a school. After residing both close and far away from my children’s primary schools, I recommend buying a home that is adjacent to a school. The advantages far outweigh any negative feelings associated with viewing a school through a backyard window. The convenient and safer location provides greater flexibility in daily time management while simultaneously instilling childhood independent.

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